Tritium Exit Signs
What Are Tritium Exit Signs?

Exit Sign

Tritium exit signs are self illuminating signs containing tritium gas in small sealed phosphor-coated glass tubes. Tritium emits low energy beta particles that cause phosphor to glow continuously. Tritium exit signs are used to illuminate exit doors or pathways where electricity is not available or to costly.

Health Risks

If the tritium filled tubes are broken inside the sign a person near the vicinity can exposed to tritium gas or tritiated water. Being exposed to tritium gas is low because the gas only travels about 5 millimeters in air and can be stopped by a piece of paper. Tritium in its water state can enter the skin and be absorbed by bare skin. Once in the skin it can expose internal tissue to low energy particles. Contact your States Radiation Control Program for information on exposure and broken tritium signs.

For Proper Management

We assist with the handling/recycling of the signs if you are interested please call for an estimate.

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